Add AI to your product in hours, not months

Build in-app AI into your product faster - with interactive reply suggestions, API function calling and voice chats, running any AI model, open-sourced.
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Assistants you already know, extended

Add battle-hardened AI interfaces like chat with action/function calling and interactive messages to your app fast.

Voice chats and more

Use any modality you want, from voice to text, and even custom UIs.

Activate function calls

Empower your assistant to perform actions and retrieve data just like your GPTs. Simply instruct your Domain GPT to take action.

Set up in seconds

Superinterface plugs right into your technology stack. Instantly activate an AI assistant on your website with a script tag, React components or get a dedicated webpage.

Webpage benefits

No setup, instant integration
Free custom subdomain at
Host on your own domain

Build with production-grade tools you already use

Superinterface is built and can be extended with most popular tools and libraries. There is no lock-in, since you’re just using a layer above your existing stack. It just extends the ideas already set by an existing community and ecosystem.
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Craft engaging messages for your audience

Utilize Markdown to design interactive chats with forms, paywalls, buttons, and images, enriching your end user's experience.

No middleman fees for AI usage

Bring your own API keys from AI providers like OpenAI, Groq, Mistral and pay directly to them.

Tailor your chat’s look

Customize themes and components to match your brand perfectly.
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File search, vector stores and knowledge base

Assistants can search through files you or your users upload, access vector stores, and knowledge bases.

It’s open-source

Full control to modify, extend, or integrate as you see fit. Supercorp is commited to open-source, integrate open-source models and publish open-source tooling.
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